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This Seminar series is set to reach out to young people to teach them the accurate path to a better version of themselves and their endeavors.

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Great Speakers

Our Lectures are handled by key note speakers who via passion and skill will impart to participants the knowledge required for renaissance.


Renewed Mindset

Our Seminars will help develop the content of the mind of the youth thereby unveiling their true identities.


Unleashed Potentials

Youths have so great potentials that when harnessed will yield unimaginable results.


Experience Fulfilment

Attending HYPB seminars will lead you to self discovery and mastery which is the true source of Fulfilment.



Our Visionary Speakers


Transformed Youths


Seminar Participants

Seminar Outcomes Learn new things and develop your mind

HYPB Seminar is set to expose you and develop the content of your mind thereby enabling you unleash your power of better.

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Develop Your Mind

Our Awesome Event Speakers

Carisa Eriya

CEO, Carisa Creations

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Phone: 08103589712

Email: info@carisacreations.com

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General FAQ's

HYPB Seminar is set to occur every second saturday of every month.
The location for every seminar differs. The venue for each seminar is located in the description page or registeration page of the seminar.
For Sponsorship and participation please call us on 08103589712 or send us a mail on info@carisacreations.com